Apex Legend is the undoubtedly one game that promises to give you value for your investment. If we crown it the game of the century, would it be out of place? Its manufacturers Respawn literally invested into ensuring that the most innovative game mechanics from other Battle Royale games are all combined into this one cohesive game.

However, if you are familiar with Titanfall 2, you would instantly see the similarity between it and the Apex Legend. This isn’t surprising though, as they both were designed by the same team. In short, at the moment there is no game available presently that matches up to it; in terms of pace, innovation, user experience, the list goes on…

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The Apex Legend is one game that promises to have lots of potential. Hence, an investment in terms of your time into unraveling how the game functions is truly an investment worth it even aside the epic fun.

How do we know Apex Legend is the game to put your bet on? Simple: Usually, when a new game comes into the market, it takes time to build momentum and gather audience. However, the trend with Apex Legend has been different. Barely months after it was launched, it already boasts of millions of downloads. This is because every game enthusiast knows a good game once he sees it.

Apex Legend is the game to beat. And if you are a lover of games, then this is one game that should be on your device.

Agreed, it is still building momentum in terms of opportunities available to gamers, but that’s because it was recently launched. The potential it has shown already only goes to prove that this is the right time to come on board if you haven’t already.

The many reviews on the game have been astounding and another good reason to certify that it is indeed the game to beat. Now, even though it came into the market without the usual ads and promotions that characterizes new products, it still made waves.

Like they say, a good product advertises itself. If nothing else, let that douse your fears. And don’t forget we are your go-to resource when it comes to Apex Legend.