How To Get Bonuses

Apex Legends is a game in which 20 squads of 3 are placed against each other with the last team standing being crowned winner. The game is relatively new, as it was just launched in February 2019, so it hasn’t been listed into most of the events that would usually create an opportunity to get bonuses.

For one, betting markets and betting providers haven’t voiced their stance on whether Apex Legend would be one of the betting options yet. It also doesn’t have an official league, so it can’t feature in any match odds unless in grass roots tournaments.

However, there will be loads of esports betting bonuses options that would be made available immediately Apex Legend gets listed in the gaming markets. Bonuses such as: free bets, casino welcome bonus, welcome packages, and other promotional incentives. You would want to bookmark this site for updates once this happens.

Usually when bonus option are made available, you can only make withdrawals of it by placing bets, but terms and conditions will always apply across different bookmakers. It becomes very important to be informed about how to unlock your bonuses before participating in any gaming. This is so you don’t allow your investment get stuck because you weren’t abreast with the demands for making withdrawals.

We are here though to be your guide and advise you per time on where you could safely place your bet. This is because we have been in the gaming industry for years, and that’s not for nothing! Most players get to lose money placing bets due to inexperience and poor analysis, but with our guide you can perpetually have cause to keep smiling.

Now, even though the betting market is not yet known for our favourite game, we predict the availability of some options when it eventually does get listed:

Betting on the winner of a match, placing bets on the team to win the tournament, longest kill being over and under, and the team with the most kills when the match ends.

Now, when it comes to bonus rewards offered to EA Access players, it doesn’t require redeeming any form of registration or special code. All that’s needed is logging into the game with your membership account, and booting the game up. Once you do this, you will discover 1000 Apex coins. A flatline weapon skin really exclusive complemented with a special banner badge.

The big question becomes: how do you redeem your bonus? You can use your Apex Coins to buy Apex Packs (loot boxes), this will give you a chance to win cosmetic rewards. 10 Apex Packs equals 1000 Apex Coins.

You could also decide to use your Apex Coins to unlock Caustic or Mirage which are one of the two bonus Legends, and they cost 750 each. Meanwhile from the Legends section of the Apex Legend store, you can instantly claim your exclusive skin rewards.

Apex Legend has a whole lot to offer her teeming players, so just feel completely at ease for we are ready to walk you through all the bonus options as they unfold.