How To Download

You have heard lots of stuff about Apex Legends and you are now ready to be a part of the latest game revolution triggers. But then, do you feel at a loss as you have no clue on how to get started with downloading this game to your mobile devices?

Well, that’s what we know to do best; walking you through the process of how to download this free battle royale game into any of your mobile devices, so you can start having fun right away. Whether you are looking to download into a PS4, Xbox One, or PC, we’ve got you covered.

With Apex Legend, downloading into PS4, Xbox One and your PC is absolutely free, so you don’t envisage any hassle as the barrier to participate is very minimal. However, if you intend to enjoy this game from your mobile phone or you game only on a Nintendo console, then your experience will be slightly different.

In downloading Apex Legend to your PS4, simply head onto PSN store. Under the free tab on the left, you will find Apex Legend ready to install. Another way you could download this to your PS4 is by visiting the Apex Legends PSN Store Page from your browser, and then add the game to your cart and checkout.

You could decide not to install immediately if your PS4 is in Rest Mode. Installation of this software doesn’t require an active play station plus subscription if you are a multiplayer FPS to engage with the online play.

Downloading unto your Xbox One would require that you visit Apex Legends Microsoft store page, link your Xbox One account to your Microsoft account and adding the game to your account before you can download. However, to play online you will need to have a Xbox Live Gold subscription that’s active. This is like a requirement before you can engage the console.

Apex Legend download into your PC will require that you install EA’s Origin platform and create an account. This can easily be done by visiting their official handle at Origin download page.

With the Origin download sorted, you can then visit the store, find the Apex Legends page and add it to your library. You could also decide to just head on straight to official Apex Legends subscription page to download the game directly. And with PC, no form of subscription is required.

If you experience any challenge in trying to download the game, don’t forget we are here to guide you; so feel free to reach out. There are loads of other devices you may have and may be wondering if it is compatible with Apex Legend, again when it comes to any of your inquiries or complaints about downloading this game, we can help walk you through the process easily.

Apex Legend is one game that should be on your device, if it isn’t, the question is why? Whatever your reservations in getting started are, don’t forget we are the authority you should be talking to.