How To Play

There are loads of devices that are compatible with Apex Legend, but after you have downloaded the game into your device, what is next? Playing the game of course! But what’s the guarantee that because you downloaded Apex Legend into your device, then you can play? Actually, there’s isn’t.

Let us be clear that it’s extremely easy to find your way around this game once you have it installed. Yet, for those who would face one challenge or another regarding how to play Apex Legend installed on your device, that is why we are here to walk you through how to play your favourite game without any hassle whatsoever.

After installation of the game, the process is way easy, chiefly because unlike other games out there, the UI isn’t filled with irrelevant information that could get you confused on what you should be doing next. It’s pretty much straight forward.

The first screen that greets you is the load screen, and it is very direct. The game then loads unto a second screen before the game proper is launched. There are pre-selected legends and the READY button situated at the extreme left of the interface seems to be the major focus of this page.

The settings are grouped into different parts of the interface, which makes navigating around really easy. When you press the ESC button, you get access to the settings. The video, audio, keyboard and mouse settings couldn’t be more organized.

When you press the READY button, depending on how fast your server is, you would see a screen displaying players connecting, and then open up a new screen that gives you ability to select your legend.

In selecting a legend, you simply have two buttons to click. One being to select the legend and the other one helps you see the details of each legend. This way, you can learn about the ultimate skill, passive abilities and possibly, their special prowess. The whole process is super easy for you grasp.

The UI of Apex Legend is simply out of this world; the controls and mechanics are such that makes even a rookie play without an assist.

The Apex legend is really fast compared to other similar games. There is always an activity going on with something or someone to always shoot at without being left to roam for long. There are six different kinds of weapons available: SMG, LMG, Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. Each of these weapons has at least two different choices. In playing Apex Legend, a certain amount of skill is required to conquer your opponent.

In all, Apex Legend is that game that promises to blow your mind. It has loads of amazing features you could explore as well.

However, if you encounter any challenge in playing, you can be rest assured that we are here to hold your hands and guide you through it. If you haven’t downloaded this game yet on your device, we are obliged to ask: What exactly are you waiting for?